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 Welcome to Holistic Health! Serving patients from all over Marion, Jasper, Lucas, Warren, surrounding counties and beyond. Whether you have been interested in alternative medicine and holistic health for years, or if you’re just starting to do some research, you are welcome here! We welcome questions and love educating our community.


Our goal is to find out what areas of your body are out of balance, and look for the underlying cause using electrodermal screening. We then will test you to find out what will be the best options to support your body back to balance! We use homeopathy, whole food supplements, and herbs to support your body in the natural healing process. 



What are the top contributors to

the symptoms that we just can’t seem to shake?

Stealth Pathogens



Heavy Metals




What symptoms do we most commonly look at?

Have you struggled getting to the bottom of those symptoms that are holding you back, even though you’ve tried everything? Are you tired of band-aiding and ready to have your body heal? From both acute care and chronic care, to setting up long term health goals, we want to help you achieve optimum health and feel great by giving the body what it needs!

Chronic Fatigue


Children Behavioral Challenges


Food Allergies/Sensitivities

Auto Immune Disease

Chronic Allergies


Weight Trouble

Lyme Disease


Chronic Sinus Issues

Thyroid Issues




Joint Pain



Patient Resources and Forms

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Electrodermal Screening

We use electrodermal screening/frequency testing/biofeedback that looks at the body as a whole. Measuring the body’s energy and looking for imbalances in the meridians helps determine what may be causing your symptoms. We will then create a protocol around homeopathy, whole food supplements, and herbs to get you back into balance and feeling better!