Electrodermal Screening





Reflex Energy System
This is a similar tool to the MEAD scan in that it evaluates by using acupuncture points related to different organ systems. The primary goal of using the RES is so that KC can be very specific in her recommendations based on what products bring your body into balance. With this tool, your body’s imbalances can be tested against different products to identity which substances your body may need to heal itself. This takes the guesswork out of what recommendations might be, thereby making your regimen more specific to you.

We are electrical beings, and our energy can be measured by its frequency, or hertz (Hz). The normal healthy range of energy in the human body is 62 – 72 Hz. The RES is set to a baseline of the normal range. All substances have energy of their own, including food, medications, viruses and bacteria, herbs, homeopathy, and supplementation. Toxic substances such as infections, processed foods and environmental toxins have frequencies much lower than our normal, healthy numbers. When your body becomes invaded with these substances, it has the ability to impair your immune system by dropping your normal frequency, thus creating symptoms and disease. On the flip side, when the balance is restored, your body can begin to self-heal.

In using the RES, you will contact (hold) a frequency of an item such as a supplement, herb or homeopathic. If that treatment brings your body back into balance, that frequency becomes the recommended treatment because it will stimulate a healing response within your body. For example, if you balance well for the homeopathic immune therapy for Candida/yeast, we can assume that an overgrowth of yeast is weakening your body and creating symptoms. By using the homeopathic frequency of yeast as therapy for your body, normal frequency will be restored and the body can begin to self-heal.The RES is not intended to diagnose or treat disease but rather shows the practitioner what products can be given to a patient as a part of their recommendations for care. There are many types of energy balancing techniques in holistic medicine (muscle testing, chakra balance, Rife machines, etc.). RES is a type of objective tool to help a practitioner be more specific and comprehensive with their recommendations.